NAEAL empowers communities through adult education in order to sustain community development and cooperation. Therefor NAEAL developed her own literacy and learning methodes.



Our teams work in partnership with the Liberian government,  communities, local and international organizations to make the educational gap visible to all stakeholders and people in charge.


Who we are

We are a local non-governmental organization with the aim to bring education, functional literacy, knowledge about health and peace, business and life skills to all Liberian inhabitans.

…some impressions of what we do…

We help to
bring literacy and education
to the rural communities of Liberia.

Voices of the Communities

NAEAL Partners with communities to bring about desired change for community development through functional literacy. We believe that change is supported and long lasting when it is accepted and carried out by those it affects.

“I am happy what you bring for us to learn and help us to learn more. It will develop the community. We are happy about the things you bring. We need help and you bring the help.”

Martha Joe

Varney Gohya Town

“This project will make the learning easy for our people. The program will help our people to read and write. And helps the teacher, when parents educate the children at home too.”

A. Garrett Shankolo

Vertiker Town

“The learners are happy to learn. It will bring a change to the community. They want to learn to read and write their own names, to use the phone for calculating and making new ideas.”

Rachel Better

Bahr town

Everything we do starts with a meeting…

NAEAL work is mainly focus in the rural areals of Liberia. Our Adult Literacy program or study circles target women, men and youth who are zero literated and school dropped out. These are people who could not continue with their education or could not attend school due to lack of funding , support or lack of opportunities to go to school. These people are now interested in improving their literacy, numberacy and lifeskills within our programs.

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Our Awesome Team

Desterlyn Allen

Executive Director

Let us use education as an instrument of peace to reach out to others.

Nathaniel F. Kesselie

Finance & Admin Officer

NAEAL Literacy program is empowering the communities in Liberia.

Jehoshaphat Dogolea

Program Manager

Education is a light that uncovers  hidden potentials and promotes self confidence .

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