We burn for education!

NAEAL work is mainly focus in the rural areals of Liberia. Our adult literacy program or study circles target women, men and youth who are zero literate and school dropped out. These are people who could not continue with  their education or could not attend school due to lack of funding , support or lack of opportunities to go to school. These people are now interested in improving their literacy, and numberacy and lifeskills.

The adult literacy study circles helps learners to improve their living condition in so many ways:

It improves

  • their communication skills,
  • they applied their numeracy skills in caculating income, expenses and profit during sales,
  • women participate  in development meetings  and
  • make inform decision in homes and community leves.

The study circles also help parents to care for their children and environment. Finaly the the program helps the community dwellers to accept one another as one family. Conflict issues among them are handled with care.

At NAEAL, we identified or communities through our donors recommendation, the community also see the need for adult literacy program and we also do our own  need assesment.
The first day in the community, we start with a mass meeting  where all the community stakeholders are presented and the aim of the visit is explain in details. step2,  we identified potential community based adult literacy facilitators who will help in the recruitment process  . According to NAEALs standard, 25 learners per study circles and either one or two facilitators according to projects. Finaly a Literacy Management Committee is Set up to monitor and manage the day to day afairs of the project.