Who we are

We burn for education!

The National Adult Education Association of Liberia is a registered and accredited local non-governmental education and development organization actively involved in adult literacy, peace education, advocacy, community empowerment and geared towards eliminating if not totally, eradicate poverty in the Liberian society and humanity in general.

NAEAL was established in 1977 by a group of young Liberian educators who were interested in promoting literacy in Liberia. She aims to empower people through adult education and literacy to sustain community development and cooperation. She has implemented numerous adult literacy programs as its core activity in almost all fifteen (15) counties of Liberia. Two-thirds of our beneficiaries have been vulnerable and economically challenged men, women and children.

NAEAL operates several programs including but not limited to

  • Adult Education,
  • Training for institutional Capacity Building,
  • Networking and Adult Literacy Resource Development
  • Peace building
  • and Sustainability.

She develops and uses her own literacy material to facilitate adult learning at the community level and the learning approach is a combination of REFLECT methodology, PRA and participatory adult learning principles.

In implementing the adult literacy program, NAEAL works in partnership with communities, their representatives and coordinates activities with the Government of Liberia through the ministry of Education, and National and International organizations working to reduce illiteracy in Liberia.