Workshops for peace facilitators

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Workshops for peace facilitators

September 10, 2018 peace 0



Peace Education is one of the components of our Literacy Circles in the rural communities. We cooperate with the community leadership and literacy facilitators to organize a community based facilitator training. Our facilitators will be trained to solve problems in the communities in an objective way. This workshop includes topics like…

  • understanding peace and conflicts
  • conflict management
  • peaceful communication

After the last facilitator workshop in the last year, the number of conflicts taken to courts and police station reduced. For examples, in one of the communities we work with, the conflict rate reduced from 4 till 5 per month conflicts taken to the police to 1-2 per year. That is an reduction from around 50 cases to 1-2 per year.

The group of facilitator per community consist of two(2) representatives of the youth. In accordance to gender equality principle we train one female and one male participant per community.¬† The decission for training the youth was made by the communities themself. Backround for this decission may be that the most problems in the communities are led by the young people and so the wish grow to teach peace facilitating to the youth… so that they can solve the problems they caused.

The peace facilitators are working together with the community leaders. The leaders of a community include, the town chief and representatives of the elders, the women group and the youth.

This workshop will be done with one of our CPS partners. CJPS the Center for Justice and Peace Studies will send two members to support our facilitation workshop about 4 days.


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