Adult Literacy Rate in Liberia

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Adult Literacy Rate in Liberia

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According to UNESCO “38% of African adults are illiterate; two-thrids of these are women. Africa is the only continent where more then a half of parents are not able to help their children with homework due to illiteracy” [1]

According UNESCO data on gapminder the rate of literate adults in Liberia is all around 43%. That means the total of illiterate adults is about 57%! 20% higher than the average of whole Africa.

This high rate of illiterate people and the unbelievable high rate of illiterate women (73%) makes us working together with international donors since 1977. But this is not enough! We need more projects in this direction, we need good ideas how to reach out in more communities and we really need more donors, who are aware of this lack of education.

Besides the help from outside we need a national strategy for adult literacy in Liberia too. We all have to be aware, that literate and educated adults are good for the children. Beside the possibility for them to follow the progress of learning they also can support their children in difficult times.

Educated adults have a big impact for the next generation. They show interest in a not ever easy field of living for their children. They don’t decide very easily to keep their kids home because of financial reasons or to help with the farming work (example!). Educated parents can read the instructions for medicine, they know about hygiene and economical plannings.

Liberia needs educated adults!

[UNESCO Office in Dakar, “Literacy and Non-formal education”]


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